A Global Data Mining Methodology

The methodology was initially designed for mining biological cohorts, but it is generalizable to any kind of database. It is important to notice that the whole process is guided by an expert, who is a specialist of the domain related to the database. Her role may be crucial, especially for selecting the data and for interpreting the extracted units (for fully becoming knowledge units). Coron is designed to satisfy the present methodology and offers all the tools that are necessary for its application in a single platform. Nevertheless, the user who prefers to test other tools than Coron can also apply the proposed global data mining methodology.

The methodology consists of the following steps: (1) Definition of the study framework, (2) Iterative step: data preparation and cleaning, pre-processing step, processing step, post-processing step; Validation of the results and Generation of new research hypotheses; Feedback on the experiment. The life-cycle of the methodology is shown below.

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